Welcome to the New River Resource Authority!

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Our Mission


Employee performance in a superior fashion with the highest integrity while continually making improvements to our services and exceeding the highest expectation of our customers.


Performing activities consistent with policy and regulation and in a manner that is morally right and good and being honest with our customers and each other.


Obligated to be responsible and answerable for our performance.


Conducting our daily activities in a competent, responsive and productive manner while using our resources wisely.


Commitment to service our customers and the landfill mission over ourselves while taking initiative to work creatively and with each other.

Our Goals


Carry out our activities in a manner that protects the environment.


is an utmost concern and is emphasized for employees, customers and equipment.


Operate in a manner that continues the strong viability of the landfill while charging reasonable tipping fees and the use of any local tax supplement.


Employees showing flexibility, cooperation and commitment to the mission and to each other

Customer Service

Strive for excellence to show we value and appreciate our customers whether at the landfill or in the community by being responsive and helpful.

Rule Compliance

Conscientiously comply with all appropriate county, state and local rules and regulations strengthening our overall operations.

Longevity and Compaction

Extend the life of the landfill as long as possible by recycling, proper separation of materials and effective compaction of waste.


Communicate with our customers on existing and any new policies, ordinances, rules and regulations applying to recycling, solid waste and the landfill.