Bags for Benches

The New River Resource Authority (NRRA is proud to announce that the first bench for the bags to benches project has arrived and is on site at the Authority. The NRRA would like to thank everyone who participated in the program and continue to encourage even more participation in the future. By doing this project 40,000 plus bags were kept out of the landfill.

Ms. Sherry Johnson stated that over 12,000 bags have already been collected for the next bench which will be placed in the Town of Pulaski. Bags that can be accepted are plastic grocery bags, plastic department store bags, newspaper sleeves, dry cleaning bags, plastic bread bags, produce bags, paper towel, toilet paper, bottle wrap, and stretch film (no household saran wrap). If someone has a large quantity of bags to bring at one time, it is asked that you call one of the Food Lion grocery stores in advance. Ms. Johnson is asking everyone to please give her a call with the number of bags you are turning in so that a count can be kept.

The New River Resource Authority is also accepting bags and invites everyone to come see the bench and take a tour of the facility while on site. Ms. Johnson can be reached at (540) 674-1677 for any questions.

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